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Always Mend Upstream

Always Mend Upstream Let’s start with the general consideration of an “on the water mend”. In general when we make a cast and the line hits the water, and then we mend the line, there are two things that happen- both not particularly good. First, the line hits the water and is being moved before […]

Proper Ethics

Proper Ethics Sometimes you hear, “This is how people fish at home so it will be okay here.” The proper ethics of fishing are actually rather complicated. I fished in New York on Great Lakes streams for big browns and steelhead and people were standing 30 feet from each other. To do so on a Western stream […]

Big Fly, Big Fish

Big Fly, Big Fish I’ve heard this since almost the day I began fly fishing 40 years ago! My observations are as follows: Everything being equal, a big fish will move farther for a big meal than a small meal. If a size 26 midge pupa passes in front of even the biggest fish, it […]

Drag-free Drift

Drag-free Drift The role of drag on flies, lines, and leaders is a common concern of most moving water anglers. By drag, we mean to describe when our fly travels at a different rate than the water in which it is found. We often need a drag free drift but this gets tough when we […]

Nymph Leader

Nymph Leader “From your indicator to your flies, your nymph leader should be 1½ to 2 times the depth of the water.” This is a topic I continually discuss with my clients. Let’s first discuss where this myth originated. Most nymph fishing has been done upstream. When your leader and flies hit upstream of your […]

Choosing a Rod

Choosing a Rod There are always those who say, “You should buy this rod because it is best.” Like many things in life, there are no definitive black and white answers regarding rods. Every rod has its advantages and disadvantages and with modern technology, a very good rod can be purchased for under $300.00. Let’s […]

Indicator Fishing

Indicator Fishing “I use a Thingamabobber.” Before we address the veracity of this statement, let’s discuss various indicators. What I want in an indicator are these properties. I can see it in all conditions. Choppy water, glare, distance. It floats well and will suspend the rig I am employing. It casts well. It doesn’t scare […]